Browser Extensions Worth Using For Online Shopping

June 14, 2021

No doubt, online shopping has always been a convenient option. However, did you know that browser extensions make online shopping seamless and affordable?

Browser extensions are basically plug-ins that extend your browser’s capabilities. By installing these tools, you can find great deals on products without sifting through sites for hours. You can even get cash back rewards and discounts for simply shopping through a particular portal.

In this article, we have listed seven browser extensions that we think are worth using for online shopping. So, let’s check them out!


PriceBlink is an excellent web extension that helps you find great deals for a product. Rather than tracking prices on just a single portal, it compares prices on multiple websites. When you browse online for shopping, PriceBlink will pop up, where you’ll find a list of sites with better deals.

You can also get coupons from major brands like Best Buy, Target, and Macey’s by installing this extension. When you visit any retail site, PriceBlink will list the best coupon codes available on that website.

Thanks to its wish list feature, PriceBlink allows you to save products and regularly monitors them for your preferred price. Whenever the product you wish to buy is available at your desired price, PriceBlink will alert you via email.

The Camelizer

Frequent buyers on Amazon know that platform’s product prices are set based on real-time supply and demand. And this might even cause a major surge in prices in some cases.

But with The Camelizer extension in place, you can thoroughly track the platform’s dynamic pricing. This tool also lets you see the products’ price history to determine whether the available price is worth it.

Additionally, Camelizer can track your wishlist on Amazon and notify you whenever there is a price drop in any of the items. This way, you can make smarter buying decisions and get your desired products at a much affordable rate.

Capital One Shopping

This web extension utilizes real-time information from its large user base and helps find incredible deals. As its customer base keeps growing, it’s getting better at tracking low prices and coupons that work.

When you check a product on a shopping site, Capital One Shopping will automatically search for better rates elsewhere. It’ll display all the alternative prices available on different websites on one page. Like most extensions in this article, it also finds relevant coupons available for the product. It can even extend to online dating offers such as UK hookup apps.

Finally, when you shop via Capital One Shopping, you’ll also earn rewards. You can even look for the preferred product directly on the add-on’s website. It also lets you save items and alerts you whenever its price drops.


Previously known as eBates, Rakuten is among the most versatile tools for online shopping. It offers rewards and cashback from over 2500 retailers, including top brands like Macy’s, Amazon, and Nike.

If the store you’re shopping for has any cashback offers, Rakuten will display a popup notification to alert you about it. Even if there isn’t any cashback available at that store, you need not worry. It’ll help you find a different site that offers the same item at a lower price.

Additionally, Rakuten tells you the amount of cashback a particular store offers. The percentage you receive will vary from one store to another and change over time. Nonetheless, it generally ranges between 1 percent and 10 percent. Also, when you first register on Rakuten, you’ll get a $10 bonus.

So, these are some of the browser extensions that we think are worth trying when shopping online. Best of all, you can use all of them for a more wholesome shopping experience and save money.…