Most Popular Auction Websites

March 29, 2019

Auction websites are mushrooming throughout the internet yet only a few hold good due to their customer satisfaction levels as well ease of buying and selling at their platform. Due to the nature of transactions and basic difference in their concept of operating auction sites differ from one another. It is therefore in your interest to choose the best auction website you wish to trade your products. It is to be noted that you ought to know the basic methods that these auction sites operate so as to make sure that you do well in the beginning to make profit.

Further, you should also make sure that you have visited the right site so that you may focus properly on their business model and competitive pricing. For this you may need to research on certain items that you think you may find quite all right for carrying out your auction sale or auction purchase.

You may find some of the given below auction sites quite good and have been dealing with customers all over the world. It is up to you to find out which is the best fit for the types of items you have and which isn’t.


It is undoubtedly the largest of the sites that sell and purchase products that you may have heard or even unheard of. In fact, it sells anything under the sky and you may look up to it for any items that you wish to buy or sell. It is not only the haunt of millions of active customers from world over, but has great potential and capacity to try out and get you just what you want with a click of your mouse.

The recent upgrading of the eBay site has several additional features yet they come with a fee. Yet for individual retailers this is quite a good auction site. The eBay app for mobile devices is very user friendly for both sellers and buyers. This is great because it buy or selling items in an auction format at times requires some attentiveness. In the past or with some other websites at those point you would be tied to your desktop. eBay’s app allows you to monitor and item that you are buying or selling while on the go.


Amazon although second best for auctioning any products is a close competitor of eBay. You will also find that listing on Amazon is pretty easy as well as free of cost. Amazon started with selling books, but now sells everything that you have heard or not heard.

Amazon offers a lot of plus for individual buyers and sellers and is more or less functions like a traditional retail shop. This means you don’t have to get nervous and simply focus on your product’s sale value. Amazon even takes a step further and that is you need to pack your products neatly and send it to them. The rest of the packing and shipping will be done by them whenever a seller buys your products.
Your money will be credited into your account after they deduct their charges.


Ebid is yet another of the bigger auction trading sites. Here you will find that the selection is enormous and you even get stuff that you have never even imagined existed. If you search on you may find some stuffs right out of your weird imagination. You have separate categories like Sports Memorabilia and Metaphysical and Spiritual and so on.

You can easily buy and sell your products as they have excellent support. However, don’t take it for granted that you can sell anything as you need to carry out right research.


This is one such good shopping site that however isn’t good for individual or independent buyers and sellers. The site does thing mainly wholesale. They purchase all items in bulk from manufacturers. These items they get at 20% to 80% less on the MRSP. This means they do things methodically and if you do it bulk then it may be profitable to you otherwise not.

They have more than 200,000 items in their stock.


This is one site that gives you credit the moment you sign up with them. You may later on get more credits by listing your own items. You then trade with your credits when you buy things from them.

They also refund you the full amount if you find that the items are not on your list.


This is one such site that sells mostly unique things. This means that they have wide range of both old and new items and their site is very easy for sellers to use. If you want specific items to buy or sell then this is the site. You may do so on big sites yet it is always better to trade with niche items at niche site like this for only genuine clients browse here.


This is one site that specializes primarily with old coins and stamps. Although they have other collectibles yet you find the above two items in abundance here. It will be easy for you to auction your coins and stamps as the buyers are as enthusiastic about them too.

The above list is only introductory and there are few others like Atomic Mall, Etsy, Liquidation and others like Gov Deals. Domains also known as online real estate are commonly bought and sold in auctions. Domains for dating websites are commonly purchased on sites like Domcop. Meet n fuck sites can be found on major domain auction sites. Dating sites can also be purchased on auction sites and often fetch a high price. You may first need to find your niche area before you finalize your platform. …