Benefits Of Amazon Prime Membership

August 28, 2021

In the world of online shopping, nothing beats Amazon. It has become so essential in our lives. Everything that we order gets delivered right to our doorstep. It is convenient to receive everything that we need with just the click of a button. No wonder our hearts get fluttered the moment we see the mailman carrying that recognizable brown box into our front yards.

But, there’s another feature in Amazon that many users are hesitant to use. It is a feature called Amazon Prime membership.

What is Amazon Prime Membership?

Amazon Prime Membership is an upgrade to normal Amazon users where you have to subscribe to receive premium benefits. The fee for becoming a prime member is $ 119 in the US annually or $12.99 a month.

Amazon Prime started in 2015 as a venture to give all its premium customers free delivery of products ordered within two days. Subsequently, other countries like Germany, India, France, Mexico, Japan, and Turkey also received Amazon with a popular response. Today, more than 15 countries have Amazon Prime members with a member population of more than a million members worldwide.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime Membership?

The benefits of Amazon Prime membership includes

Delivery Benefits

  • Free Two-Day Delivery of more than a million products available on their site.
  • Free One-Day Delivery of more than a million products available on their site. You do not have to make a minimum payment too.
  • Free Same-Day Delivery of more than three million products. The condition of getting this benefit is that you have to buy products at least above $ 35. You also have to place your order before noon for your order to be delivered on the same day.
  • Free Two-Day Delivery of prescriptions from Amazon Pharmacy. You can also buy your medicines without any insurance.

Streaming and Digital Benefits

  • Prime Video. You can watch hundreds and thousands of TV shows and the latest movies without any cost. You can watch it on any device.
  • Prime video channels. You can watch popular channels like Showtime and HBO without any additional cable or apps to download.
  • Amazon Music Prime. You can listen to more than 1 million songs and podcasts free of advertisements.
  • Prime Gaming. You can avail free game content every month with a Twitch subscription. From your prime benefit, you can also pre-order games before they are launched online.
  • Amazon Photos. You can store Amazon all your photos with unlimited storage and view them on any device.

Shopping Benefits

  • Prime Day. Every year Amazon holds its 2-day shopping sale where they offer discounts and savings benefits. Prime members can unlock this shopping event a few hours ahead of other customers.
  • Prime Exclusive Deals. You can avail exclusive deals, discounts and savings offered only to prime members.
  • Prime Early Access. You can unlock lightning deals half an hour ahead of other customers if you are a prime member.
  • Amazon Family. You can get savings and discounts on family essentials, especially diapers and baby food if there are more than four subscriptions from family members.

Reading Benefits

  • Prime Reading. You can get unlimited access to many magazines, popular comics, and hundreds of eBooks. You can view it all devices provided you have installed the kindle app on your device.
  • Amazon First Reads. You can gain access to advance releases before a month if you are a prime member. You can also read the editor’s pick before its publication release date.

Other Benefits

  • Sharing Prime Benefits. In this offer, you can share all your prime benefits with another user if you grant access.
  • Free Titles at Audible. You can gain access to a free trial for Audible Premium plus. You can also receive two credits, of which you can get free access for two titles of any choice. 

Compared to other online shopping sites, Amazon has better deals and discounts, even for non-prime members. Not only that, its worldwide shopping allows you to order from the country of your choice safely without any risk. If you don’t shop at Amazon or do not become a prime member, you might be losing so many deals for discounts and savings. …