Why Do People Prefer Shopping Online?

February 27, 2019

Although online shopping is a recent phenomenon when compared to offline or physical shopping it nevertheless has become formidable due to its huge customer base. Recent researches reveal that online shopping is increasing so rapidly that within a decade or two it may almost eclipse the physical or local store. This may sound negative for offline purchasing yet in reality this may not be so. There are few weaknesses that exist for offline marketing yet these may be nothing when compared to the immense positive that consumers the world over experiences.

Online shopping is the most preferred way for people to purchase almost anything as most parts of the world is now connected with internet. This obviously comes with a series of advantages which we would be discussing below.

Advantages of Online over Offline Shopping

You will find that shopping online has its unique advantages that very few shoppers would deny. This gives it a definite edge over offline shopping and the attitude of customers, by and large, indicates that this trend would spread to broader area as people start to connect with the internet.

The following are the advantages of shopping online.

Ease of Shopping

Foremost among the advantages that are at once visible is that it is very easy to shop online. Basically, you hardly need to get off from your computer screen. You are the boss of your purchases and there is no influence whatsoever otherwise from sales persons or from showroom managers. You may talk over with your partners while you browse the different types of commodities that are displayed at the E-retailers store.

You wouldn’t be influenced by another person online while you talk to your partner or family members and this way you buy what you like.

Even navigating through the store is almost breeze and you hardly find any human pressure. You may easily compare product prices and visit as many other stores you may wish to. You may easily find reviews of other buyers online and take decisions accordingly.

Online Shopping is for All Age Groups

You will find that for most customers shopping online means that there is almost no physical movement. You may find this as the same as the above convenience factor yet when it comes to ages of people almost all people including physically handicapped or very old people can carry out their online shopping with ease. Here, age factor or disability factor is no hurdle and only condition is that you must know how to operate the computer or mobile.

Offline shopping has no such advantage and most aged or handicapped people ask others to make their purchase without that satisfaction of selecting their own product.

Day or Night Time

You may find most offline shoppers are closed during the night and certain stores even if they are open may not be well staffed to help you make a purchase during odd hours. Online shopping is computer and internet based and as you start to browse through the store’s list you simply add things into your cart and then make your payment online.

Better Pricing

Online stores are huge and they stock almost anything and therefore you get good choices. This prompts the stores to give you lower prices for their products so that you make your purchase at this particular store and do not cross over to another competitor’s market. Intense online competition keeps the prices low and they remain low when compared to offline stores.

While shopping online you also get special discounts and coupon codes and other deals.

Avoiding Compulsive Shopping

You may avoid doing compulsive shopping while online. If you don’t like a range of products then you may conveniently switch off your mobile or computer. In the case with physical shops you may find the situation very unbearable and therefore end up buying something or the other from the shop. Sometimes, even their sales persons may pester you to buy.

Discreet Shopping

You are more comfortable with discreet shopping where you purchase some products that you don’t want other to know. Online shopping is great when it comes to products like lingerie, condoms, sanitary items, lotions for private parts, sex toys and others. The internet allows for far more discretion in this regard. Many adult dating sites and fuckbook apps also have stores where sex toys can be purchased in a discreet fashion. Even the packaging hides out what is inside from viewers and you may simply take delivery of the same at home.

Replacement of Products & Refund

You are likely to get easy refund of your money or replacement of your product online than offline. Although this may be the case with some offline stores yet online you can avoid any direct questions.

Crowd and Parking Space

You wouldn’t have to experience crowds and queues while shopping online. Unlike offline stores you also needn’t park your vehicle or bicker around to get space. With online shopping you do all this sitting before your computer screen. Again you may purchase or COD basis (Cash on Delivery) so that you have time to arrange cash when the products is delivered. …